Cherwell Laboratories

Cherwell Laboratories offers a fully integrated range of high quality products for environmental monitoring, operator validation and validation of sterilisation processes. Our products are suitable for a variety of healthcare, pharmaceutical and industrial applications and include Redipor® prepared media, Cherwell own comprehensive range of prepared microbiological media. Alongside Redipor Prepared Media, Cherwell are also UK distributors for a range of SAS microbiological air samplers for environmental monitoring.

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The Redipor prepared media range is extensive and includes Petri dishes, contact plates and gamma irradiated media, plus bottled and bagged media. The Redipor manufacturing facility has been registered to ISO9001 since 1997, and our processes are continually developed and enhanced to improve efficiency and ensure product quality. Our production process enables large batch manufacturing capabilities whilst maintaining our ability to supply smaller batches for specialist, low volume users.

Our extensive SAS microbial air sampling range includes portable, hand held units, a specialist product for compressed air sampling and installed systems for isolators and filling lines. Cherwell's ability to engineer its own solutions has also resulted in the development of the Multi-SAS system, a fixed, facility based microbial air monitoring solution. Our Engineering facilities provide full support to the growing number of users of our environmental monitoring equipment, with a calibration laboratory and the ability to manufacture our own equipment.

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