Cherwell demonstrates strong distributor support at LabDays 2024

Published: 12-Apr-2024

Prepared microbiological media product insight to be shared on Dorte Egelund’s stand by Cherwell experts at LabDays Stockholm 2024

Cherwell, cleanroom microbiology solutions expert, will be supporting its Scandinavian distributor, Dorte Egelund, at Sweden’s biggest laboratory industry event of the year, LabDays Stockholm 2024 on 17-18 April. On Dorte Egelund’s stand, Cherwell will provide expert insight on prepared microbiological media, highlight a forthcoming new more environmentally friendly media product, and present on prepared media selection for differing sterile process and environmental monitoring needs.

Cherwell will demonstrate a range of its Redipor® prepared media products on Dorte Egelund’s stand; including irradiated and fresh media, contact plates, petri dishes, vials and bottles with a mix of volumes, caps and closures. In addition, new to the range will be Redipor autoclavable plastic bottled media products which offer a more sustainable option to glass bottles. Wan Li Low, Cherwell’s Microbiology Product Specialist, will also be sharing useful insight in her presentation at the event on “Prepared media: What’s right for you? An intro to neutralisers, double strength media, barrier packs and more!”

In a recent testimonial interview, Dorte Egelund, underlined how good quality products, strong relationships, flexibility and an ability to innovate are the recipe for happy customers. “We’ve been working with Cherwell for over 10 years and it has proved a very successful partnership. When our customers come to us to ask for something specific, we know that we can take it to Cherwell - we have never had a ‘no’ only ‘yes’!” confirmed Dorte. “Cherwell can be flexible and innovative when needed to develop and bring in new or bespoke products, whilst being large enough to always deliver on standard products too.”

The importance and benefits of close distributor partnership is exemplified by the new Redipor Plastic Bottle range which has been developed by Cherwell following a request by a Dorte Egelund customer driven by their sustainability targets. The ‘carbon expense’ of glass is a prime reason for adopting the use of plastic in aseptic environments; as in some regions, such as Scandinavian countries, this is considered a key factor to supporting the drive towards the United Nations 17 Sustainability Development Goals.

“To ensure that we can best meet our Redipor customers’ needs, I see it as hugely important that we build excellent working relationships with our dedicated business partners such as Dorte Egelund,” said Melis Parmaksiz, Channel Business Development Manager, Cherwell. “We are committed to working with our partners to provide guidance, support and training on all our products. So, attending shows such as LabDays, alongside reliably delivering both standard and bespoke products enables us to fully support Dorte Egelund and their customers in all aspects of prepared microbiological media.”

Cherwell’s new autoclavable Redipor plastic bottled media products will be launched soon to provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to glass bottled media for the sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing market.

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