INTERPHEX: Merck products bring ease of use to single-use

Published: 28-Apr-2016

Three new Mobius products deliver improved efficiency for biopharmaceutical manufacturing workflows

Merck has launched three Mobius products that deliver improved efficiency and ease-of-use for biopharmaceutical manufacturing workflows. They are a 1000-litre single-use bioreactor with an industry-leading design, a 2000-litre mixing system for difficult-to-mix biopharm ingredients and a large volume liquid transport system for aseptic and non-aseptic substances.

The Mobius 1000 litre single-use bioreactor completes the comprehensive Mobius stirred tank portfolio of 3-2000 litre sizes, delivering greater flexibility and continuity for scale-up. With its bottom-loading drawer for easy and safe bag installation, Merck's new bioreactor is designed to achieve homogenous and fast mixing for consistent performance, especially at large scale.

The Mobius Power MIX 2000 creates a strong vortex to handle difficult-to-mix buffers, media and other biopharm ingredients. Powerful mixing is achieved from an impeller design and motor based on magnetically-coupled NovAseptic technology. The Power MIX 2000 provides accessible, sterile zero deadleg sampling directly from the mixing container. A probe port allows insertion of either a reusable standard probe for non-aseptic processes or a pre-sterilised, single-use sensor for in-process pH measurement of aseptic processes.

The Mobius single-use 3D large liquid transportation system's single-use bags and stainless steel transporter bins facilitate the safe and convenient road transport of aseptic and non-aseptic media, buffers, in-process intermediates and final bulk drug products at cold or ambient temperatures. The system offers four single-use bag assemblies with working volumes of 100-500 litres. All bags are constructed from PureFlex Plus film with a proven low extractable profile and gas barrier properties.

'Our newest Mobius products meet our customers' increasingly complex demands for user friendly systems that allow them to focus on their science,' said Udit Batra, CEO, Life Science at Merck.

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