Little details mean a lot in RPE comfort

Published: 13-Sep-2011

3M launches the Aura 9300+ disposable respirators

The 3M Aura 9300+ disposable respirators, available this month, are an evolution of the firm’s 9300 series. They are suitable for most industries where workers require protection against particulate hazards.

The company says the new range delivers many improvements while retaining the features that have helped make the 9300 series popular, including the 3M Cool Flow valve and 3-Panel flat-fold design for easy storage.

The respirators also incorporate an advanced filter material that combines effective performance with low breathing resistance to allow the wearer to breathe more easily throughout the working day.

Other new features include a sculpted nose panel, which offers better conformity to the nose bridge and facial contours, giving a wider field of vision and improved compatibility with eyewear. A chin tab makes putting on the respirator and making adjustments easier. In addition, embossing on the top panel reduces airflow through the top of the respirator, which helps to reduce the fogging of eyewear.

Anja Buchan of 3M’s Safety Solutions Division said: “Comfort and confidence in protection are top of our customers’ respiratory protective equipment (RPE) needs and the 3M Aura 9300+ disposable respirators have been developed to include a range of new features to meet those needs.”

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