Published: 25-Aug-2016

The event for cleanroom and pharmaceutical processes includes a series of educational sessions:

  • ISPE Session: Containment, aseptic production, water/drain and steam, and serialisation
  • IPA Session: Cleanroom Norms, process guidelines with equipment, sanitation and validation
  • GMP Session: New Guidelines and their interpretation, process optimisation
  • Field Neutral Session: ASME BPE, Risks and cost management, Industrie 4.0, etc.

There will also be Real-­Life Presentations to highlight

  • Projects with individual designs from the speciality fields of Pharma, Medicine Technique, Astronautics
  • Optimising the Finishing/Production Layout
  • Realised construction projects
  • Implementation of up-­to-­date Regulatory Guidelines through hands-on examples

Organiser: Inspire GmbH

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