Mar Cor launches hot water disinfectable reverse osmosis system

Published: 23-Jun-2011

WRO 300H provides reliable supply of AAMI grade water

Mar Cor Purification in the US has launched a hot water disinfectable portable Reverse Osmosis System (RO) for the dialysis market. The WRO 300H is a 510(k) registered single patient machine that can semi-automatically cycle through a hot water sanitisation procedure and then return to service.

The WRO 300H provides a reliable supply of AAMI grade water and will support single patient dialysis working with any kidney machine on the market.

Key benefits of this RO are the semi-automatic disinfection feature that maintains the system in a clean state with minimal involvement from the patient or provider, very quiet operation for home or nocturnal use and easy to use touch screen panel. The WRO 300H significantly reduces the amount of labour required to disinfect the device while actually increasing disinfection frequency and efficacy.

Mar Cor, with an extensive sales and service network throughout the US, will service these products along with other water purification products including filters, disinfectants, installation, service and spare parts.

John Rickert, VP Sales at Mar Cor, said: “The WRO 300H brings a level of performance in portable RO water system design that is long overdue. This device, utilising automation with the hot water disinfection process, provides superior bacteria control over older chemical-based designs. With the trend to home dialysis, the WRO 300H provides a consistent and competent solution to challenges around patient safety in the acute and home settings.”

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