Mar Cor Purification launches Minncare Dry Fog 2 disinfection system

Published: 5-Feb-2015

With stainless steel construction and redesigned delivery system to streamline decontamination procedures

Mar Cor Purification, a subsidiary of Cantel Medical, has added a new aerosol-based bio-decontamination system to its portfolio.

The Minncare Dry Fog 2, the latest evolution of Mar Cor’s dry fog technology and an integral part of cleanroom disinfection procedures, is specifically for the cleanroom industry.

The new and improved system is made from 316 L stainless steel and is engineered to be durable and virtually maintenance free. It also features a multi-directional spray apparatus that allows for eight different nozzle positions, increasing the coverage possibilities.

Christopher Fournier, VP Marketing at Mar Cor Purification, said: 'The redesigned distribution mechanism allows for spray diffusion that is horizontal or vertical, while linking capability permits decontamination of multiple linked rooms simultaneously. These features come with the 100% autoclavable design, short process time, and optimal efficacy that has historically been associated with dry fog technology and Minncare cold sterilant.'

He added: 'These improvements will allow the end user to improve the efficiency of their cleanroom disinfection procedures, utilising the Dry Fog 2 system in conjunction with traditional disinfection methods.'

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