Mar Cor receives Health Canada licence

Published: 6-Dec-2011

For a hot water disinfectable RO system for dialysis operation

Mar Cor Purification, a US water purification specialist, has received a Medical Device Class 3 licence from Health Canada for a hot water disinfectable reverse osmosis (RO) system for dialysis applications. The system can be marketed and sold in Canada for use in home dialysis and hospital clinics.

The ‘Millenium’ HX (MHX) system performs automated heat disinfection on a regular schedule, providing patients with reliable, high quality water while reducing chemicals and labour by more than 90%.

The MHX produces a reliable supply of water for haemodialysis that meets the standards of CAN/CSA-ISO 13959-11 and the equipment standards of CAN/CSA-ISO 26722-11. The water system supports single patient dialysis and is compatible with any kidney machine.

Mar Cor says key benefits of the MHX include variable demand production of water, an automatic disinfection feature that maintains the system in a clean state with minimal involvement from the patient or provider, quiet operation for home or nocturnal use and easy to use touch screen panel.

Mar Cor has an extensive sales and service network throughout Canada to provide service and spare parts for the MHX and other lines of water purification equipment.

John Rickert, vice president of sales at Mar Cor, said: ‘The MHX represents the latest system design to control bacteria and endotoxin levels in dialysis water. Hot water disinfection provides superior bacteria control and uses significantly less labour compared with chemical disinfection procedures.’

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