3M Purification opens new laboratory in Antwerp, Belgium

Published: 24-Sep-2014

To boost access to its validation services

3M has extended its global network of validation laboratories serving the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries by opening a new facility in Antwerp, Belgium. European customers now have enhanced access to services that help confirm compatibility between equipment and manufacturing processes.

3M now has seven validation laboratories spanning Europe, the Americas, North Africa and Asia producing technical studies and data packages for 3M Purification products as used in customers’ processes, to ensure process integrity and to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

The portfolio of services covers microbial challenge testing, product integrity testing, chemical compatibility testing, and particle release testing, as well as test design, execution, and full documentation.

'The on-going investment in 3M’s global network of validation services demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing the best possible support for customers using our high-quality filtration products,' said Lynne Deakin, Field Applications Specialist – Life Science Process Technologies, 3M Purification Division.

3M now has seven validation laboratories spanning Europe, the Americas, North Africa and Asia

'We are very proud of the facilities and especially the industry experts in Antwerp, who are providing specialist support to our analytical and biological sciences clients.'

The validation services available from 3M’s global network of laboratories includes challenge tests such as Brevundimonas diminuta retention testing using customer process fluids under simulated processing conditions. Mycoplasma clearance testing using Acholeplasma laidlawii and Mycoplasma orale retention testing are also available, and are increasingly important as M.orale now accounts for more than 40% of cell culture mycoplasma contamination events.

3M’s validation laboratories are also able to assess the chemical compatibility of the company's products with customer fluids under expected operating conditions, taking into account the composition of the end product or intermediate chemicals, product materials, as well as duration and temperature of product contact.

Particle release testing is also available for applications that require capture and identification of particles from the process stream under operational conditions.

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