AdvantaPure introduces AdvantaFlex sterile moulded tubing ends

Published: 23-Feb-2016

Mini Tri-Clamp ends add versatility to tubing

Single-use AdvantaFlex tubing with moulded mini Tri-Clamp ends is now available from AdvantaPure. Offered in three tubing lengths, the assemblies are supplied gamma sterilised and are suitable for aseptic transfer and processing applications.

AdvantaFlex moulded tubing ends are said to work well in single-use applications by reducing operational costs and improving production efficiencies. They are compatible with sterile tubing welders and available in a variety of tubing sizes and lengths for biopharma fluid transfer.

The mini Tri-Clamp material – USP Class VI polypropylene – is over-moulded onto AdvantaFlex TPE tubing. This results in a connection with reduced leak potential and a smooth fluid path consisting of a single material (TPE). Designed for single-use applications, the ends simplify cleaning and validation procedures and decrease cross contamination risks, the firm says.

The tubing also offers easy connections and is sterile weldable and heat sealable; it is certified free of animal derived components and silicone oils and made from FDA-approved ingredients; it is moulded in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom and is translucent for visual contact with the flow.

AdvantaFlex moulded tubing ends are available in four tubing I.D. sizes: 1/8in, 1/4in, 3/8in and 1/2in. Lengths are 24in, 48in and 72in.

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