AdvantaPure unveils new case studies

Published: 16-Jul-2018

These studies highlight fluid transfer challenges in the biopharma and pharmaceutical industries

UK-based high purity tubing manufacturer AdvantaPure has released three new case studies detailing customer's processing situation and the solutions explored with AdvantaPure's engineering staff to address problems. Diagrams offer detailed information on fluid paths and product designs.

AdvantaPure BioClosure System for Drug Substance Filling and Storage explains one customer's goals of moving to a leak-proof, closed container system and reducing foam during the container filling process. Two closure materials were tested, along with a custom component for foam reduction.

AdvantaPure Molded Assemblies for Final Filling describes how a user wanted to redesign their current filling process to reduce leak points and maintain sterility. Bag and tubing assemblies made with multiple barbed fitting connections were compared to molded assemblies with a multi-port Tri-Clamp® bag attachment.

Finally, AdvantaPass Cleanroom Portal for Aseptic Fluid Transfer is a study involving AdvantaPure's patented clean room wall pass-through system. It explains how a customer decided between using movable totes, a competitor's pass-through system and AdvantaPass.

The new case studies join AdvantaPure's existing report on AdvantaSil high pressure silicone tubing for bulk fluid transfer. This study describes a customer’s need to identify tubing that would increase productivity by maximising flow rate.

All of AdvantaPure’s case studies may be downloaded from the company’s website under the Information Request tab, which also offers white papers, regulatory summaries, validation reports, change notifications and product literature. A simple, four-field registration process allows access to all four case studies.

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