Analytical Technology opens training facility in UK

Published: 17-Feb-2011

Part of after-sales support package

Gas and water monitoring equipment specialist Analytical Technology is offering specialist customer training at its state-of-the-art premises in the UK.

The new training facility located in Saddleworth, UK, is part of the firm’s after-sales support, which also includes maintenance services and in-depth on-site training.

The training sessions educate customers on all aspects of chemistry relating to the firm’s gas and water monitoring equipment, while also providing practical hands-on training on working instrumentation.

Analytical Technology said it is responding to industry demand for increased training to deal with disinfection issues and other emergencies that can occur at water treatment plants.

The training facility is equipped with Analytical Technology’s water monitors for dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, dissolved ozone, pH, conductivity, dissolved ammonia, dissolved sulphide and residual sulphite measurements. Toxic gas leak detectors are also available on site.

Analytical Technology also offers free on-site product-specific customer training, as well as in-house workshops at customers’ premises and at councils, which provide advice on implementing processes and instrumentation to ensure environmental safety and compliance with regulatory requirements, all while minimising costs.

Garry Tabor, sales manager Europe at Analytical Technology, said: “We are committed to offering first class customer service and extensive after sales support to our customers, which has led to the opening of a state-of-the-art training facility.”

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