Ansell showcases ProGlove partnership at A+A Congress

Published: 17-Dec-2019

The global gloves supplier’s booth showcased four new high performance glove innovations for chemical and cut protection

A+A Congress 2019, the international trade forum for occupational safety, security, and health at work, was a mix of product innovation, revealing glimpses into the future of the industry, and a celebration of excellence.

Ansell’s presence at this biennial event was focused on innovation. This was underlined by its well-received booth design, which showcased notable contributions to each element of the successful A+A mix.

Practical innovation

Ansell’s booth showcased four new high-performance glove innovations for chemical and cut protection. These four have been developed as a response to ever-increasing day-to-day safety risks.

AlphaTec 53-001 gloves significantly broadens protection with a barrier that provides advanced chemical protection against solvents, acids and hydrocarbons. Also in evidence was the new MICROFLEX glove - Ansell’s first disposable chemical protection glove comprising three layers that effectively offer protection against ketones.

A+A also provided an opportunity for Ansell to reveal more detail of its strategic activity, designed to create an even safer workplace. The recently announced partnership with ProGlove, a leading industrial wearables provider, incorporates the latest technological developments of digitised industry 4.0 to enable the creation of innovative protection solutions, offering real-time data collection capabilities for precise and immediate information enabling compliance to safety recommendations.

As Neil Salmon confirms: “Strategically we were also able to highlight what our acquisition of Ringers Gloves and the partnership with ProGlove means to our customers, both now and in the future, as we expand Ansell’s position in this attractive and growing speciality category to advance worker protection globally.”

Salmon explained that the event also enabled the company to assess the ongoing impact of new PPE Regulation EU 2016/425. “It has been good to hear how responsive people are to Ansell’s leadership, preparedness, and drive to find solutions that fit the industry,” he said.

Ansell has consistently pioneered innovations in glove design. Fundamental to everything that Ansell do is investment in research based on an intimate knowledge of worker experience.

Neil Salmon, President Industrial GBU at Ansell, describes the appeal and benefits of A+A: “It’s so easy today to communicate quickly with anyone around the globe, but forums like the A+A offer a great opportunity to meet so many of our customers face-to-face in one place, and significantly contributes to our understanding of the issues that concern them. It was great to see our safety experts listening, and guiding visitors around the exciting innovations of our hero products. This created a heightened buzz in the hall that transferred quickly to social platforms.”

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