Biotage adds ISOLUTE Myco SPE columns to portfolio

Published: 8-Apr-2013

For the efficient extraction of mycotoxins from food matrices

Biotage, a global supplier of solutions and technology for analytical, medicinal and peptide chemistry headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, has launched ISOLUTE Myco SPE columns for the ‘catch and release’ clean up of mycotoxins from food matrices, prior to analysis by LC-MS/MS.

The ISOLUTE Myco sorbent is a proprietary polymeric phase (patent pending) for the extraction of mycotoxins from foodstuffs. Using a single, easy to use sample preparation product, along with optimised matrix specific application notes, scientists can prepare diverse samples for analysis by LC-MS/MS.

The selective clean up of the ISOLUTE Myco SPE columns enables robust, reliable quantitation of mycotoxins without compromising analytical data quality. The coupling of a dedicated polymer based sorbent with LC-MS/MS analysis saves both time and money as more samples can be processed each day compared with IAC based clean up, the firm says.

Biotage says the tabless 3mL format of the ISOLUTE Myco columns is suitable for a variety of processing equipment including vacuum manifolds, positive pressure manifolds and automated SPE workstations.

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