Bosch launches FXS Combi filling and closing machine

Published: 14-May-2014

Flexible solution for syringes, vials and cartridges in combination

Bosch Packaging Technology has launched the FXS Combi filling and closing machine, the first filling and closing machine of this kind with an integrated capping station for vials and cartridges.

Suitable for low and medium output rates, the FXS Combi operates with a combi filling station with up to six dosing heads, enabling it to be used with all common filling technologies, such as peristaltic or rotary slide valve piston pumps as well as the PreVAS single-use filling technology. It can also be combined with a range of barrier systems, such as Restricted Access Barrier Systems (RABS) and isolators. By combining the new filling and closing machine with Bosch's upstream ATO tub opener and ABO bag opener, it can be integrated into fully automated line concepts, allowing for significant space savings.

The filling and closing machine is also suited for processing vials for lyophilisation.

High-priced pharmaceutical products and packaging types in particular require a high product yield. Filling on a checkweigher during the start-up and run-empty process makes almost 100% of the pharmaceutical liquids usable for filling. Filling weights are checked via statistical inprocess control (IPC).

The FXS Combi is a development of the proven FXS platform and features flexible and quickly exchangeable format parts for diverse packaging types. 'To fulfil our customers' demands for higher flexibility, a more compact footprint and extended fields of application, we transferred the successful FXS concept to further, pre-sterilised packaging types,' Klaus Ullherr, product manager at Bosch Packaging Technology explained.

'During the development of the FXS Combi, we benefited from our many years of experience in the safe and reliable processing of syringes, vials and cartridges,' he said.

The FXS Combi is the first filling and closing machine of this kind with an integrated capping station: the capping of vials and cartridges takes place directly after the stopper insertion. This ensures highest pharmaceutical safety, as the container is closed safely and immediately after filling. 'Together with our single-use filling system, PreVAS, the FXS Combi contributes to more efficient and faster development of new medications, for instance for the treatment of cancer,' Ullherr said.

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