Box design boosts protection for biological samples

Published: 15-Aug-2008

A leading Italian supplier of microbiological and laboratory research products has developed a ‘tamper evident’ transit box that allows the safe delivery of biological specimens in test tubes.

The Emo Expres Strap from International pbi is a plastic, disposable box that can be used to deliver biological samples from the hospital to the clinical laboratory. It includes an adsorbent padding for four test tubes diameter 16x100 mm (14 ml), four test tubes diameter 12x75 ml (5 ml), and two centrifuge tubes diameter 30x115 mm (50 ml).

Clear material keeps the sample visible and an anti-tempering lid guarantees the proof during transit, avoids biological risk, according to the World Health Organization directives, and prevents unauthorised access to any potentially sensitive or infectious specimen.

Also available is the ‘Igientest’ – a diagnostic tool that monitors the cleanliness of surfaces within 10 minutes and without the use of testing instruments. The method is based on the principle that a clean surface should not have protein residuals. Once a surface swab sample is taken, it is onto the test tube that contains a reagent. After ten minutes, the presence of a green colour indicates a clean surface, grey for acceptable and violet for dirty.

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