Cold store for gene therapy company completed

Published: 20-Oct-2022

Building on CREST’s reputation and excellent track record with cleanroom turnkey contractors from all across the UK, the company has been approached by a new client to build a cold store for their project in Stevenage

“We joined the design team meetings to provide our input on the cold store and ensure we covered every detail with no grey areas between other trades,” says Mark Kendrick, CREST’s Senior Business Development Manager.

CREST's early involvement proved to be crucial. The build was put on hold in late 2021, as the end client, an innovative gene therapy company, had to reconsider the facility’s design.

“The project went on hold for a few weeks, and when it came back to life, the plans for the internal layout of the rooms changed. These things happen frequently, so being flexible is essential when working on new builds,” Mark continues. Thanks to CREST's commitment in the early stages, they remained the preferred choice for delivering the fit-out & refrigeration package.

“Works overall went very smoothly, and since this is a new lab, there was no need to accommodate for the end user’s ongoing operations,” says Steve Gunning, who oversaw the construction. “We built the envelope within a few days and were left with plenty of time to fine-tune the refrigeration system.”

It is CREST’s fourth contribution to what forms a UK-wide network of pharma innovation hubs, proudly supporting medical research & development and completing projects for end clients and main contractors.

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