Effectively remove cleanroom contamination with TruCLEAN mopping systems

Published: 12-Oct-2016

Maintaining specific levels of cleanliness in controlled environments is extremely difficult.

TruCLEAN Mopping Systems capture and isolate contaminants, ensuring the delivery of unadulterated cleaning and sanitising agents.

Perfex Corporation introduces the TruCLEAN 2 flat mopping system for contamination control in critical environments.

Designed for small area cleaning and disinfecting, TruCLEAN 2 systems feature a bucket-in-bucket configuration.

The redesigned 36-Litre and waste containment buckets are lightweight and durable, providing an effortless sanitation process. They achieve consistent and reliable results all in a compact design for easy storage in confined areas.

TruCLEAN systems productively inhibit dangerous cross-contamination regularly associated with conventional mops – no more re-applying dirty water or weakened solutions.

Foreign matter is directed into the waste collection bucket through hundreds of release apertures on calibrated pressure plates combined with natural gravity flow. In addition, the unique wringing mechanism exerts force evenly across entire mop surface to extract the maximum amount of soiled contaminants.

An innovative swivel mop frame uniformly and precisely applies cleaning and disinfecting agents to floors, walls, ceilings, baseboards and confined areas such as corners or stairs, while a low-profiled mop frame allows for easy and efficient cleaning under and over tables or other hard to reach surfaces. The system has easy-change mop heads with the quick squeeze release and frame-locking mechanism.

The fully autoclavable, high-grade stainless steel components are easy to maintain and guaranteed to deliver reliable cleaning results time after time. TruCLEAN mopping systems are also compatible with gamma, ETO and autoclave sterilisation.

Not only does it avoid the risk of run-off contaminants commonly associated with steam sterilisers, this mopping system saves both preparation time and money by eliminating the need for specialised training and significantly reducing overhead costs.

Ensuring increased productivity and reduced exposure to work related injuries, the TruCLEAN 2 system is a must for every cleaning professional in a sanitary environment.

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