10 uses for Dycem contamination control mats

Published: 28-Jun-2024

Want to stop contamination in its tracks? Dycem contamination control mats capture and retain up to 99.9 % of contaminants, protecting your sensitive environments from costly mistakes

These reusable and washable mats have a lifespan of over three years, with antimicrobial and anti-static properties for enhanced effectiveness and versatility. From preventing imperfections in delicate medical devices to safeguarding the sterility of research labs, Dycem flooring is a trusted choice for maintaining a contaminant-free environment.

1. Display & Glass Manufacturing

Display and glass components in aerospace applications require impeccable optical clarity. Dycem mats like CleanZone reduce particle contamination by up to 99%. Contamination can impair visibility and readability, which are essential for the aircraft to function safely.

2. Automotive Paint Areas

Using Dycem mats in paint areas is highly effective in minimising the risk of dust particles causing imperfections in the paint job. They are designed to capture and retain dust and other airborne contaminants as small as 0.5 microns from footwear, ensuring a cleaner environment. Floating Mats that can be moved as needed will provide flexibility in high-traffic areas, securing ideal placement for maximum contamination control.

3. In-between Cannabis Flowering Rooms

Dycem mats can help reduce cross-contamination of pollen, fungi, and particulates between different types of cannabis. Using them in spaces between critical environments like flowering rooms can keep these types of particulates from damaging the plants. Using our WorkZone mats will remove contamination from shoes and wheels, making sure your controlled environments stay that way.

4. Entrance to Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are a regulatory requirement in pharmaceutical manufacturing as they help stop skin cells, dust, microbes, and other contaminants from entering our pharmaceuticals. Dycem’s strategic placement within locker/changing areas or cleanroom entrances effectively prevents personnel from introducing microbial contamination via shoes or wheels to a sterile product.

5. Entrance to Data Halls & Server Rooms

Dycem mats are static dissipative up to 10⁸ ohms, making them a great additional layer of protection for data centres. They help reduce the build-up of dust and potential Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) occurrences caused by airborne contamination.

6. Component Assembly Areas

If small contaminants like dust get into electronic components, they usually damage super-sensitive components before they are enclosed. Dycem mats used in component assembly areas can help mitigate this microscopic risk with Biomaster antimicrobial additives that inhibit the growth of microbes.

7. Hi-Care Zone Entries

Microbes pose a potentially deadly health and safety risk in food production sites. Dycem mats used at Hi-Care Zone Entries assist in lowering this risk with 24/7 antimicrobial protection. These mats effectively capture and retain bacteria and other contaminants, preventing them from entering critical areas. By providing continuous antimicrobial action, Dycem mats help maintain a hygienic environment for the safety and quality of food products.

8. Hospitals

The spread of microorganisms in healthcare facilities can cause illness and infections and hinder patient recovery. Using Dycem mats in healthcare facilities can reduce this risk of contamination at floor level by capturing and retaining contamination from feet and wheels, promoting safer infection prevention and control.

9. Packaging Areas

Medical device packaging areas must be extremely clean to ensure the devices’ safety, efficiency, and sterility. Dycem’s antimicrobial and contamination capturing help protect against foot and wheel-borne contamination.

10. Research Laboratories

Dycem mats are used across various research laboratories, from vivarium and bioscience labs to cell and gene therapy labs. They support the safety and reliability of research by providing an effective antimicrobial, floor-level contamination control solution.

Choose Dycem for Effective Floor-Level Contamination Control

Dycem shares: "Our contamination control mats have proven value across a wide range of industries by providing an unmatched solution for minimising contamination risks. As demonstrated by their diverse applications, from cleanrooms and component assembly areas to packaging and research laboratories, Dycem mats remain a trusted choice for maintaining a contaminant-free environment.

Embracing Dycem’s innovative solutions can improve product quality, enhance safety, and increase operational efficiency across various industries."

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