Eliminate the risk of cleanroom cross-contamination


Merck provides accurate microbial air sampling for highly controlled areas and cleanrooms

Eliminate the risk of cleanroom cross-contamination

As portable air samplers are sometimes moved and used across environments with differing levels of microbial contamination, there could be a potential risk of cross-contamination between areas.

ISO class 5 GMP grade A environments

If instruments are used in different cleanroom classes, there is a minor risk that particles may be carried over inside an instrument. Ensure peace of mind by mounting a HEPA H13 exhaust air particle filter to your sampler

Eliminate particle carry-over using Merck's MAS-100 NT viable air sampler with HEPA air exhaust filter

  • Particle carry-over is essentially eliminated by the insertion of a HEPA filter
  • The filter has no influence on the airflow calibration or microbial sampling efficiency
  • Filtration efficiency is not affected by heavy usage in uncontrolled environments

This poster shows how to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination when air samplers are moved and used in various environments.

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