Entegris launches high-performance purification solution for deionised water

Published: 10-Feb-2014

Said to remove more fine particles than other purifiers on the market

Entegris, a US provider of contamination control products and materials handling technologies for advanced manufacturing environments, says its Protego Plus HT/HTX with 7nm rated retention is the most advanced purifier/filter for removing metallic contamination from deionised (DI) water. It also removes more fine particles than other purifiers on the market.

DI water is a critical material used in the manufacture of semiconductors and other electronics such as flat panel displays. The Protego Plus HT/HTX performs at temperatures up to 80°C and is said to offer the highest flow rate and cleanliness on the market today.

'Manufacturing processes for making next generation semiconductors are requiring even greater purity of process chemistries,' said Todd Edlund, Vice President and General Manager of Entegris’ Contamination Control Solutions Division.

'The presence of very small levels of metals and metallic ions in the manufacturing process can lead to defects and manufacturing yield loss. We are focused on developing and releasing new solutions for achieving these levels of purity, which ultimately have a positive impact on manufacturing yields.'

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