GMP particle sensor – data security guaranteed

Published: 29-Sep-2010

Integrated data logger backs up eight hours of particle data

Particle monitoring in cleanrooms is experiencing another performance impulse. The basis for this feat is the new AIRNET II series sensors, featuring compact design and modern concepts for data backup/data transmission.

In parallel to a continuous data flow in the direction of the monitoring software, an integrated data logger backs up eight hours of particle data. This internal data buffering provides highly effective support to the already very secure data transport via Ethernet interface.

In addition, the most important internal equipment parameters – measuring gas flow and laser status – are not only monitored continuously but are also controlled/switched. Users in the GMP environment should definitely not do without active management of these quality-relevant parameters.

Due to its corrosion resistant system of optics and sample feed AIRNET II XR is the optimum solution for particle monitoring in isolators.

On request, the Airnet system can be expanded by OPC (OLE for Process Control) functionality. In this case AIRNET II works as OPC server and provides a standardised database interface.

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