How to install a cleanroom steel door

Published: 9-Dec-2020

Here the cleanroom construction experts at Wiskind describe the process in nine steps

  1. Measure the size of the door opening
  2. Measure the size of the door opening with a tape. The width of the door opening should be larger than the size of the door frame, the height should be larger than the door frame, diagonal dimension error should be less than 3mm.

  3. Check the specification and appearance of the door
  4. Remove the temporary retaining strip at the bottom of the door
  5. Install the door frame
  6. Remove the door from the frame, and put the built-in aluminium profile on the top of the door frame, the length of built-in aluminium profile should be less than or equal to the width of the door frame, the door frame is put into the door opening, In the direction of the height of the door frame, two sections of built-in aluminium profiles are placed between the door frame and the bow keel. Adjust the horizontal and vertical orientation of the door frame with the laser. Fix the door frame to the wall panel with self-tapping nails, check whether the door frame and wall panel are on the same plane, and measure the diagonal size of the door frame again to ensure that the diagonal error is less than 3mm.

  7. Install the door leaf
  8. Attach the door leaf to the door frame, check whether the door crack is even, If the door crack is uneven, you need to adjust the hinge with the sewing tool.

  9. Install the lock
  10. Insert the square steel into the slot of the lock body and twist the fastening screw tightly. The fastening screw should be fixed to the slot of the square steel. Install the handle, twist the opposite screw. Install the lock cylinder, Install the inner ring of the lock cylinder on the door leaf with opposite screw, cover the trim on the hand side to the lock cylinder, distinguish the direction of the lock cylinder, insert the lock cylinder into the lock hole, and screw the fixing screw of the lock cylinder. Cover the trim and test the lock.

  11. Adjust door bottom sealing strip
  12. Adjust the height of the sealing strip at the bottom of the door to fit with the ground.

  13. Cover the cap into the door frame mounting hole
  14. Installation of the cleanroom steel door completed

Check out this YouTube clip for more information here.

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