How to quickly build a mask cleanroom

Published: 30-Nov-2020

Here the design and build experts at Wiskind provide some key considerations when building a mask cleanroom

Global shortage of masks

With the outbreak of the epidemic, the production capacity of masks is seriously insufficient. At present, this is an unprecedented global challenge that requires large-scale manufacturers to produce masks.

This is not only the stimulation of social responsibility in the fight against the epidemic, but also the demand of the market economy. It is the opportunity and challenge brought to factories under the epidemic situation. Coupled with the support of relevant government policies, more and more enterprises have begun to build or transform their own The mask workshop has devoted itself to the production of masks.

Every minute counts when building a mask cleanroom

The first step to switching to mask production is to have a regular mask production workshop. And because the current situation of mask demand is urgent, the construction of the mask workshop must be fast, but many companies do not know how to quickly build a formal mask workshop, and find engineering companies according to the general mask cleanroom construction process, from design to construction to acceptance. Coupled with the current restrictions on the resumption of work by engineering companies and the shortage of manpower, the mask workshop can be completed in as little as three months and one year, which will undoubtedly lose the opportunity in this wave of mask production competition. For companies that have an understanding of the clean industry, such as companies in the automotive, electronics, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical industries, knowing the existence of a cleanroom such as an assembled clean room, use a modular cleanroom to quickly build a mask workshop and invest as quickly as possible. To the production of masks, so as to occupy the market opportunity.

What is Modular Cleanroom?

The modular cleanroom is a cleanroom independently developed and produced by Wiskind. Compared with the traditional clean room, one of the major advantages is the fast construction speed and short construction period. The main advantages of the modular cleanroom environment are the speed and convenience of installation. To achieve standardised production, 70% of the construction tasks are completed in the factory, improving the construction efficiency of cleanroom material production by more than 15%, shortening the construction period by 20% to 40%, and greatly improving the construction quality, which means that your team can start using the new as soon as possible. Facilities, thereby reducing delays in important work and further driving changes in the industry's profit model.

What extra cleanroom equipment does a mask workshop need?

Modular cleanroom requires FFU, floor, sensor, pass box, escape door, air shower, hand washing dryer, clean closet and other cleanroom supporting facilities to choose from. These devices are available from Wiskind. The outsourcing cost and timeliness of enterprise procurement.

The modular cleanroom system construction time will be very short, which fully meets the urgent construction needs of the mask workshop. Another point worth paying attention to is whether the mask workshop can quickly meet the cleanliness requirements after being quickly built. Medical masks, as a type II medical device, require that the cleanliness of the production environment air must meet the 100,000 level requirements. The modular cleanroom not only cleanliness Controllable from 1-100k, but there are also temperature control series and temperature and humidity control series. In addition to the production of general medical masks, it can also meet the higher requirements of specific masks with sterilisation, bacteriostatic and other functions on the mask workshop.

The factory can choose the corresponding cleanroom grade, area and supporting equipment to build its own mask workshop according to its own needs. Wiskind, as the pioneer of the modular cleanroom, is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and the most professional solutions, responding actively to customers from a large number of mask workshops, resuming work in a timely manner, and working with companies to solve this mask Anxious.

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