Howorth forms a new division

Published: 12-Jan-2012

Howorth Bio Technology will sell DVHP and decontamination equipment under the BioGen brand

Howorth Air Technology has formed Howorth Bio Technology.

The new division will be headed by product and business manager Mike Aitchison and will supply DVHP (Dry Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide) systems and decontamination equipment under the BioGen product brand name to the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets.

Howorth Bio Technology will also develop DVHP systems for the life sciences, veterinary and food processing and manufacturing markets.

All BioGen’s new family of DVHP standard model generators are designed around unique Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) technology with patents pending. This technology is applicable in both pre-occupational decontamination and service, as well as equipment supply projects.

Howorth’s BioGen DVHP vapour phase fumigation systems are proven to be an effective bactericide, virucide and sporicide, and are biodegradable, leaving no residue.

They offer realtime cycle monitoring, which can be displayed or downloaded immediately to PC or on-site BMS to indicate that the decontamination cycle has been effective.

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