Howorth launches 5D high containment screen


Offers a full range of movement, including being able to tilt

Howorth Pharma has added a new 5D product to its portfolio of High Containment Screens.

Developed in collaboration with existing booth operators, the 5D HCS offers a full range of movement: side to side, front to back, up and down, and with controlled rotation, but it is also able to tilt. This flexibility ensures maximum comfort for the user, the firm says.

As with all of Howorth’s screens, the 5D HCS is available in a variety of sizes and materials and with optional extras, allowing it to be designed specifically to customer requirements.

Howorth’s High Containment Screens are a simple but effective way of boosting the containment capabilities of any downflow booth. The HCS is fitted into the booth, forming an actual barrier between the operator and the dust source, and keeping all dust-laden air close to the booth’s exhaust grilles. As they can be retrofitted into existing booths, they are an ideal solution if a manufacturer starts working with more potent compounds that may require additional operator protection. Independent testing of Howorth’s HCS has confirmed that OELs as low as 0.5µ/m3 can be achieved.