Interflow finishes modular cleanroom for ERIKS

Published: 4-Sep-2023

The industrial parts expert needed a cleanroom to assemble parts for chip machines and chose Interflow to build the 930 sqm ISO Class 6 environment with a total construction time of four months

Netherlands-based Interflow has completed the design and construction of a modular ISO Class 6 cleanroom on behalf of ERIKS.

This 930 sqm project is the first modular cleanroom of this size that Interflow has supplied. The modular design reduced the architectural design time from approximately eight weeks to two and a half weeks.

The production and assembly time is also approximately 30% shorter due to the modular concept, which meant that delivery could take place this month.

The design is particularly energy efficient because we use air from the production hall and use energy-efficient motors

ERIKS provides a wide range of engineering components and technical services to all areas of industry, with expertise in the areas of flow control, drives and power transmission, fluid power, sealing technology and tools, and safety and maintenance products.

The modular cleanroom has been built next to the Clean Manufacturing Facility of ERIKS in Alkmaar, previously built by Interflow. At this location, Eriks has brought together the complete and clean production process of seals, rubber technology and industrial hoses under one roof.

The cleanroom is used to assemble parts for chip machines under strict indoor climate conditions. The parts are then guaranteed to be free of particles that can cause problems in the chip machines. In the cleanroom, the air is refreshed up to 30 times per hour, ultra-filtered, heated, cooled, dehumidified and humidified. The air quality in the cleanroom will soon be optimal for the machine parts.


With the development of the modular cleanroom, Interflow is responding to the increasing international demand for standardised cleanrooms. With the modular concept, Interflow can build a cleanroom in a short period of time and at any suitable location.

Circularity has been an important point of attention in the development of the modular cleanroom. The construction can be adapted with a relatively simple renovation and is largely reusable. With this modular cleanroom, ERIKS has the scoop on Interflow's take-back guarantee. 

With this project, Interflow is implementing BAM's strategy 'Building a sustainable tomorrow', with sustainability, digitalisation and industrialisation as important spearheads.

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"The design is particularly energy efficient because we use air from the production hall and use energy-efficient motors," Interflow stated.

This influenced the design of the air change system, such as deciding the air should be refreshed up to 30 times per hour.

The expansion of the cleanroom facilities fits in with ERIK's growth strategy to offer more clean services to companies in the food, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. Not only will cleaning and packaging take place in accordance with ISO class 6 (or class 1,000), but production will also be clean.

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