LifeAire Systems advances partnership with G-CON Manufacturing

Published: 7-Jan-2021

The new collaboration has added LifeAire's air purification technology into G-CON's cleanroom PODs

G-CON Manufacturing and LifeAire Systems, whose patented multi-stage air purification technology provides removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and inactivation/kill of viable biological organisms and viruses, have announced the next phase of their collaboration by offering the LifeAire System as an option for selected G-CON Standard POD configurations.

The integration provides an advanced prefabricated cleanroom and clean air system solution for clients across the industry.

The LifeAire System delivers the necessary air purity to support optimal cell culture viability, growth and consistency through the comprehensive remediation of cytotoxic VOCs.

"LifeAire was developed to provide advanced air purification technologies to meet the needs of the most demanding and sensitive environments in the healthcare industry, namely the protection of human embryos and cells cultured outside the body," said Dr Kathryn Worrilow, CEO and Founder of LifeAire Systems.

"This next step with G-CON represents a dynamic new direction for delivering the best combination of mobile cleanroom spaces with the purest air environment in a mobile and rapid-deploy solution. The LifeAire System was designed to deliver the airborne metrics deemed critical to the successful culture of the living cell," Worrilow adds. "Cells cultured in LifeAire-processed air have demonstrated statistically significant increases in the viability and growth of the living cell, thereby providing higher yields and improved product deliveries to the patient base. Through this partnership, we will be able to jointly support the growing needs of biotech, cell/gene therapy and personalised medicine to deliver highly-productive manufacturing environments and improved economics."

"From our inception, G-CON has embraced continual improvement, enhancing the POD design and capabilities through both internal development and external collaboration efforts with other technology providers in order to address the evolving needs of our industry," said Dennis Powers, VP of Business Development and Sales Engineering for G-CON Manufacturing. "Our team recognised the importance of LifeAire's work and technology early on, and we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate and integrate their groundbreaking system within our POD solution."

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