Merck offers faster and more convenient microbial food and water testing

Published: 8-Jun-2016

With new granulated and ready-to-use culture media

Merck is offering a state-of-the-art portfolio of culture media in a range of formulations to suit any application including: dehydrated, low-dust granules, and ready-to-use solid and liquid media.

GranuCult (granulated), ReadyPlate and ReadyTube (ready-to-use) media are compliant with the newest EN ISO 11133:2014 standard, and are suitable for quality control applications in microbial food and water testing, the firm says.

GranuCult is said to be an easier and faster media preparation offering superior flow properties and non-sticking quality to prevent component separation and clumping. There is also less airborne toxic and allergenic dust thus preventing contamination of the workspace. The product is also released through an ISO 17025 accredited QC lab for reduced incoming quality control tests.

ReadyPlate and ReadyTube is a ready-to-use culture media in bags, bottles, tubes and plates. No time-consuming preparation is required and it offers safe testing with maximum convenience.

The shelf life of plates is 4–6 months and of bottles 6–12 months.

GranuCult™, ReadyPlate™ and ReadyTube™ are trademarks of Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Germany.

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