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IDEXX introduces next-generation HPC testing

The new testing platform is for the detection of heterotrophic plate counts (HPC) in water

Registration now open for Cleanroom Technology Conference 2020

Experts will present delegates with the latest insights, developments and regulations impacting the future of the cleanroom and contamination contr...

Cannabis testing lab adopts DNA-based microbial detection technique

CDX Analytics has installed a beta unit of LexaGene LX2 pathogen analyser at Massachusetts facility

EN 17141: Understanding the risks of microbiological contamination in pharmaceutical cleanrooms

EN 17141 outlines the importance of understanding the risks of microbial contamination. Being able to accurately identify microbes isolated from th...

ClpX-ClpP protein complex: The starting point for new antibiotics

Researchers in Germany have elucidated the structure of the proteolytic complex to target the degradation process of defective proteins in bacteria

Princeton researchers discover new biofilm removal technique

Capillary peeling is a new technique that uses material engineering to see biofilm removal in a new light

Components of an effective disinfectant prequalification strategy

Microbial control in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities is essential to ensure the production of safe, high-quality medicines; cleaning proced...

Cleanroom Conference and Manufacturing Chemist Live events set to go ahead

The co-located events will go ahead in October with new safety measures in place, after being postponed from their original date at the start of su...

bioMerieux acquires molecular testing company

The acquisition of the molecular testing platform, Veriflow, will compliment bioMérieux’s Gene-up system

Swedish Biotage taps into US market with PhyNexus acquisition

The California-based company specialises in lab-scale purification of biomolecules

Water for injection: Regulatory requirements and process design

The road to revising the European monograph on the quality of water for pharmaceutical use has been a long journey. Santiago Fernandez, General Man...

Vision 2020: Cleanroom experts reveal expectations for the year ahead

Some of the leading figures in the contamination control industry comment on what lies ahead

Study backs L. pneumophila detection test Legiolert

New method developed by IDEXX represents a significant improvement in the enumeration of L. pneumophila from water samples, research shows

Microbial life into space

“Without planning to do so, we have launched microbial life from this planet,” Dr William B. Miller comments

Cherwell sees increase in overseas sales

The manufacturer has announced a 21% increase in Redipor sales to its distributors during the 2017/18 financial year

Microbiology: a review of changing practices and the future

Celebrating an impressive 25 years, the Annual Pharmig Conference, held just outside Oxford in November, focussed on the past, present and future o...