Metall+Plastic launches isolator with supportive temperature control

Published: 26-Apr-2021

Temperature adjustments of around +/- 6 °C can be carried out with a cooling unit that is integrated into the isolator plenum

The Intiso integrated isolator from Metall+Plastic, part of the Optima Group, offers isolator protection for filling and sealing processes with a reduction in outlay, the company says. The design enables the elimination of an HVAC unit and the relocation of the cooling and ventilation units from the technical floor to the isolator plenum. The isolator's modular design is aimed to contribute to cost savings, with pharmaceutical safety remaining unchanged at a high level.

In the device, key isolator functions are relocated to the isolator plenum. Previously, ventilation and cooling units were always positioned on the technical floor, but in the Intiso, they can be accessed above the manipulation unit. This eliminates the need for the large HVAC unit that in conventional isolators is installed on the mechanical floor.

The machine draws in preconditioned air from the cleanroom, making it suitable for standard applications. It also features a ‘supportive temperature control system,’ which means temperature adjustments of around +/- 6 °C can be carried out with a cooling unit that is integrated into the isolator plenum. In practice, this is used to offset waste heat from fans or other isolator components. This enables constant temperature conditions to be generated regardless of batch sizes, the company claims. The device is also reportedly able to compensate for temperature fluctuations occurring in the cleanroom with its integrated cooling and ventilation technology.

Metall+Plastic has also introduced a modular system for the manipulation unit, with the frames now being pre-engineered. Connection to filling and closing machines is said to be unaffected. The Decopulse decontamination system by Metall+Plastic is integrated into the Intiso.

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