Micronclean commissions solar panels on UK plant roof

Published: 6-Sep-2023

The company has recently installed solar panels on the roof of its plant in Louth, UK, an array of 577 panels installed by NerG of Lincoln

Micronclean is pleased to announce that on August 7 it successfully commissioned solar panels on the roof of its plant in Louth. The solar array of 577 panels was installed by NerG of Lincoln and over the course of year will supply 20% of the Louth plant's annual electricity requirements. 

Micronclean's Environmental and Sustainability Strategy sets out its ambition to be ‘the most sustainable specialist textile and cleanroom consumable business on the planet’. This ambition is supported by three pillars these being; climate, creating circular economy and people and communities. 

In Year 1 of the strategy under the its 'climate pillar’ we committed to reduce our carbon emissions by 5%. As part of this we have built on our recently signed Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) electricity supply contract by funding our own solar array on the roof of our Louth facility. The installation and commissioning of the 577 panels that cover 70% of the roof at Louth was conducted by Lincoln based firm NerG.

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Luke Worral, Business Development Manager at NerG said: ”NerG has been providing innovative Heat and Power Solutions to commercial clients since 2009. We are really proud to have worked with Micronclean on this large Solar PV project, helping to mitigate over 42 tonnes of CO2 annually which is a great way to contribute to their MicronGreen Strategy."

Sophie Harris, Associate Director QHSE at Micronclean added: “We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and the successful completion of this project is another sign of this. Over the course of a year the solar array will deliver 20% of the electricity that the Louth plant consumes and is another bold step on our pathway to zero carbon emissions. Our Microngreen Strategy is officially here with this superb achievement against the pillar Our Climate."

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