NHS cleaning manual recommends Tristel products

Published: 21-Feb-2011

Chlorine dioxide-based disinfectants recommended to fight C.difficile and MRSA outbreaks

The latest leading healthcare cleaning manual from the NHS has recommended the use of chlorine dioxide based disinfectants, in a form that only Tristel produces, to fight C.difficile and MRSA outbreaks.

With the evolution of more deadly strains of clostridium difficile and the ever-present threat of MRSA, thousands of patients are still acquiring infections in UK hospitals. Infection control has never been more challenging for the NHS.

In their fight against hospital acquired infections (HAIs), infection control nurses in UK hospitals take guidance from the NHS National Patient Safety Agency’s (NPSA) Revised Healthcare Cleaning Manual. To fight C.difficile outbreaks and prevent them from occurring, the NPSA has suggested a number of new products and technologies that are available including the use of chlorine dioxide-based disinfectants in dual compartment sachets. Only Tristel products come in this form.

What does the manual say?

Unlike other powerful disinfectants, Tristel’s chemistry cleans as well as disinfects. It is safe, easy-to-use and powerful enough to kill C.difficile spores, as well as all other germs.

The NPLA cleaning manual states: “Where there is a requirement to disinfect by removing a particular pathogen from the environment such as MRSA or Clostridium difficile or there is a persistent outbreak of infections, then new technologies may have a role to play.”

This is basically because common disinfectant chemistries like chlorine, would have to be used at highly unpleasant and toxic concentrations to be effective.

As part of the NPLA’s “Key Recommendations” about the Tristel technology, they state: “There is good evidence that dual function chlorine dioxide-based cleaner/disinfectants are effective in removing and destroying pathogens. There are potential savings in time and resource in combining cleaning and disinfecting processes.

“Targeted use of the technology is recommended for terminal cleans and during infection outbreaks to kill and remove microbes along a specific route of infection transmission.”

Tristel has now launched two ranges of hospital strength disinfectants: Protect and Deeper Clean. They are aimed at helping vulnerable groups, from the very young to the very old. The products are available exclusively from www.tristelathome.co.uk

Tristel is a leading infection control company. Its products are used in more than 700 UK hospitals and its disinfectants are now available for the public to buy from www.tristelathome.co.uk.

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