New COVID-19 screening centre at the Hospital de Viseu, Portugal

Purever Tech supported the Viseu Hospital with a Covid-19 modular emergency support unit built in one week with the aim to screen patients with Corona Virus symptoms outside the hospital

Assembly of structure with floor, partition and ceiling panels and additional roof in 3 days

Due to the emergency of the Corona Virus pandemic, the “Hospital de São Teotónio” in Viseu, Portugal, had shared with Purever Tech the need to separate the reception of suspected cases of Covid-19 from regular hospital patients. The aim was to create a completely separated facility to receive these patients with non-critical Corona Virus symptoms and have enough space to examine them, take tests, decide about their treatment and carry out all related administrative operations.

Installation of windows. Roof Finishes. Air conditioning and electricity installation

The modular support unit was built with materials optimized for clean and sterile rooms, to the same quality used for the pharmaceutical industry. The construction system is watertight, offering the possibility of creating rooms with negative pressure by means of a professional air conditioning system that will control the air flow, thus creating a containment laboratory for future tests to Covid-19, without the need of third parties.

Full functional support unit in 8 days.

Once the project was defined, the work was completed in less than 8 days.