Nordson Asymtek offers batch fluid dispensing system for cleanroom applications


The Spectrum S-820-C fluid dispenser is suitable for batch production and lab environments in microelectronic assembly operations

The Spectrum S 820 C fluid dispenser is suitable for cleanroom environments

The Spectrum S 820 C fluid dispenser is suitable for cleanroom environments

Nordson Asymtek, a US-based specialist in fluid dispensing and jetting technologies, has released its Spectrum S-820-C stainless steel dispensing system that is certified for Class 100 cleanroom use.

The Spectrum S-820-C can be used in applications that are sensitive to contamination by submicron-sized particles, such as wafer-level packaging, or for dispensing a controlled amount of adhesive in precision cleanroom manufacturing operations. The system is suitable for labs, new product development, and batch production.

Processes developed on the S-820-C can be transferred to a conveyorised Nordson Asymtek fluid dispenser when operations require more than batch capacities. Production can be expanded with minimal configuration downtime in the transition from engineering development to inline manufacturing.

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The stainless steel enclosure, enclosed keyboard, and special cable design reduce particle generation. An optional HEPA filter can be added for downward air flow to further minimise particle generation during processing. Other options include a laser height sensor, which helps maintain consistent dispensing height, and a dual-action dispensing head, which can be used to increase UPH.