PURU Highsorb now also available as a mop

Published: 27-Mar-2014

Ideal product for use in Pharma thanks to its high absorption capacity for liquids

STAXS has included PURU Highsorb wipes in the range for some time. These wipes are made from 100% polyester, cleanroom washed and consisting of two super-absorbent layers. An ideal product for use in Pharma thanks to their high absorption capacity for liquids, the wipes are very durable, low-lint and low-particulate, and they are chemically compatible with IPA, acetone and other solvents.

These properties also make this material entirely suitable for other applications and purposes. For this reason, the product range has been extended to include a floor mop and wipes for use in isolators and LAF cabinets.

PURU Highsorb floor mop (STAXS article number C-0233/CS-0233)

Floors, walls and ceilings are cleaned to perfection and/or disinfected with the PURU Highsorb surface mop. The mop has a high absorbency capacity and retains dirt very efficiently. For the purpose of disinfecting, the liquid is spread evenly so that contact times are observed. The surface mop is supplied with a loop, which makes it easier to attach a mop frame.

PURU Highsorb ICT mops (STAXS article number C-0151/CS-0151 and C-0239/CS-0239)

Special tools are available for the cleaning/disinfecting of isolators, LAF cabinets and RABS, for easy reach into corners. Wipes made of PURU Highsorb material are now available for these tools.

There are two types, depending on the tool that is used:

  • a square wipe
  • a wipe in the shape of a smoothing iron(triangular)

The floor mop and the ICT wipes are of course available as both sterile and non-sterile.

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