Particle Measuring Systems expands line of microbial sampling single-use products to include 100 LPM applications

Published: 22-Nov-2021

BioCapt Single-Use 100 microbial impactor now for new applications including contamination troubleshooting

The BioCapt Single-Use (BCSU) microbial impactors from Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) are now available for use with applications at 100 Liters Per Minute (LPM), expanding the range of uses the active air microbial impaction plates can be used for. The BCSU 100 is a ready-to-use, lightweight and integrated microbial impaction plate designed for both portable and fixed monitoring systems in remote sampling settings.

PMS brings you these innovative active air microbial sampling plates for analytic measurement of viable contamination in critical areas. The flexible new BCSU 100 is designed to be used with the Particle Measuring Systems’ MiniCapt Mobile microbial active air sampler. BioCapt Single-Use can easily replace any existing microbial sampling head, whether attached to a mobile instrument or installed in a remote location. Multiple mounting accessories allow it to connect to new or existing environmental monitoring systems.

“Only Particle Measuring Systems provides complete viable cleanroom monitoring and troubleshooting solutions to meet the needs of sterile manufacturers.” said Giulia Artalli, Global Product Line Manager at Particle Measuring Systems. She continued, “The BioCapt Single-Use 100 LPM is an example of how we select and design our products for the many needs of the sterile manufacturing industry. We specifically engineered the BCSU product line to be used both in fully compliant environmental monitoring as well as in investigational and troubleshooting settings.”

The innovative design of the BCSU microbial impactor reduces the risk of false positive results and contamination from sampling interactions. Thereby, decreasing the ambiguity of results and reducing downtime from troubleshooting and investigations. This unique solution eliminates handling risk, costs and complications related to autoclaving and stainless-steel head disinfection.

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