Pharma company chooses Amazon Filters

Published: 30-May-2018

Filtration specialist has delivered "significant quantities" of SupaPore TPB PTFE membrane filters for off-gas filtration to pharmaceutical client

Amazon Filters has reported that a major pharmaceutical company has taken delivery of "significant quantities" of its SupaPore TPB PTFE membrane filters for off-gas filtration of their large-scale fermenters.

In the preparation of vaccines and cultivation of pathogenic microorganisms, the chance of hazardous microorganisms escaping from the fermenter into the environment must be prevented.

In situations like this, sterilisation of the exhaust off-gas leaving the fermenter is mandatory and is commonly best achieved by absolute (0.02 µm) filtration.

According to Amazon, the pharma company had faced erratic service from its existing supplier, hence the client sought an alternative manufacturer that could supply them with an off-gas filter with improved flow performance, decreased lead times and support documentation tailored to their needs.

After extensive discussions and testing, Amazon found that the solution to its challenge was Amazon Filters SupaPore TPB gas sterilising cartridge filter. The product, Amazon said, exceeded all the criteria for safe and effective off-gas filtration.

A critical consideration in off-gas applications is the differential pressure across the filter cartridges, as operating pressure is limited. The Amazon Filters SupaPore TPB cartridge filters reduced the overall differential pressure loss by 20% increasing the safety margin of performance that the customers system had available, the company explained.

During final contract discussions, Amazon Filters was also able to design specific packaging to meet the customers’ requirements and reduce the amount of waste generated.

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