Pylote wins French packaging award for antimicrobial innovations

Published: 15-Nov-2016

Pyclear Protection is a breakthrough innovation that replaces antimicrobial preservatives used in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic specialities

Green industrial chemistry company Pylote has received a third award for its breakthrough proprietary innovation providing antimicrobial protection in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

At the French Packaging Awards ceremony on 14 November in Paris Loic Marchin, CEO of Pylote, collected the Small and Medium Enterprises Packaging Award 2016 for Pyclear Protection and Pyclear Preservation. One of the key advantages of Pylote’s two major technological innovative solutions is that eco-friendly mineral microspheres are integrated directly into the final product materials and require no change in packaging nor manufacturing processes.

'This is the third important recognition by our profession this year after the Pharmapack Award 2016 in February and the CPhI Excellence in Pharma 2016 packaging award in October,' said Marchin. 'We are very honoured at Pylote to be recognised for our breakthrough technological solution for antimicrobial protection.'

Pyclear Protection replaces antimicrobial preservatives used in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic specialities. It is highly suitable for multidose eye drop flasks, catheters and nasal delivery medicines. It ensures that the eye drop solution is protected against microbiological contamination during the treatment period and that patients receive clean and pure doses on each application.

Pyclear Preservation reduces additives and prolongs shelf life of products in the food industry, thereby reducing food wastage. Its antimicrobial effect makes it suitable for many food products where the shelf life prolongation effect is directly related to the preservative product (I.e. plastic between two salmon slices).

Today, Pylote has more than 200 partnerships with industry worldwide and more than 50 to provide CE marking & AMM products.

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