Teknomek changes up provision for changing rooms with TRESPA

Published: 8-Mar-2021

The company has added step over seating benches with shoe compartments to its TRESPA range

Teknomek has introduced step over seating benches with shoe compartments to its popular TRESPA range. The new products are designed to support hygienic compliance for changing rooms.

Sue Springett, commercial manager at Teknomek, says: “The new TRESPA benches offer a significant new choice to supplement our free-standing stainless steel seating bench range. What elevates our products is the fact that we really understand the GMP challenges and incorporate these needs in our designs.  

“There’s no place for good enough design as it’s the details that count. That doesn’t just apply to clean down time, we’ve also considered the use case and how it supports behavioural nudge theory to encourage hygienic adherence. As such, we’ve added benches that separate the ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ sides of the room, so that staff can leave their shoes before stepping into a hygiene-controlled area.” 

The new benches feature 16mm TRESPA TopLab surfaces with other easy clean features including low surface roughness and a design that is ready to be sealed to the floor to reduce trap points.

The range covers sizes from 1000mm with three generously-sized show compartments per side to 2500mm offering a total of 20, each version is available with the option for one or two rows of shoe compartments.  

Safety and ergonomics have also been key considerations in the development of the new products, height and width decisions were informed by the need to reduce pressure on users’ backs when sitting or stepping over.

Sue Springett concludes: “Our easy clean product design always offers great lifetime value and Teknomek and TRESPA are a formidable antimicrobial combination. However, it can be the smallest factors that make a big difference to the users. In this case, the feedback from our customers was they wanted enough storage space to hold staff day shoes, it’s an easy design fix that makes all the difference.”  

For more information, please visit the TRESPA section of the website or call the customer services team on 01603 788833.   

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