Thermo Fisher says Yes!

Published: 22-Mar-2012

Develops a global rapid availability programme for Apex metal detectors

Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a global rapid availability programme, called Yes!, for its Apex metal detectors, which are used in the food industry.

The firm says the programme addresses time-critical issues such as crisis response for recalls or production disruptions caused by equipment failure.

Until now, food processors have had to find a used metal detector or borrow one from a different manufacturing line or facility to address an immediate product contamination inspection requirement.

In most countries worldwide, food processors will now be able to take delivery of a new Apex metal detector in less than 48 hours, compared with the industry standard of four-to-six weeks.

“Food processors do not have the luxury of waiting several weeks to receive equipment to address a foreign object contamination issue. When a problem presents itself, it is critical that a solution be found immediately. As a result, we’ve established Yes!, the first global rapid response programme for metal detectors,” said Bob Ries, Thermo Fisher’s lead product manager, metal detection and x-ray inspection.

In addition to addressing crisis issues, the Yes! programme helps minimise the impact of production line shutdowns due to a metal detector going offline. With more grocery chains and retailers demanding foreign object contamination inspection for food products sold in their stores, Yes! is also suitable for last-minute customer audits.

Thermo Scientific’s Apex metal detectors are available in a range of types and aperture sizes including the advanced, conveyor-based Apex 500 metal detector; the streamlined conveyor-based Apex 100; as well as the drop-through Apex 300.

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