Time-resolved airborne germ collection – also for compressed air

Published: 13-Sep-2010

Air Trace system can determine approximately when the contamination event took place during the sampling process

PMT presents a state-of-the-art "Slit to Agar" airborne germ collector. The type Air Trace system was successfully tested for compliance with the central ISO 14988-1 standard by the independent CAMR Institute.

The "Compressed Gas" equipment version also fulfils all ISO 8573 standards for airborne germ collection in compressed gases.

Air Trace works with a 150mm diameter culture medium plate. The plate and culture medium turn under a slit, thus accomplishing time resolution. While the air stream through the instrument is regulated autonomously to 28.3 litre/minute (1cfm), the HEPA filtering of the sampled cleanroom air is conducted directly prior to discharge. Air Trace can be used in aseptic areas correspondingly.

The user determines both the rotating speed of the culture medium plate and the percentage ratio of the open flow surface. This enables optimum adjustment of the airborne germ collector to every monitoring strategy. In particular, airborne germ collection over longer periods is possible.

The equipment software automatically stores the measuring location and user name.

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