UVolve is an eco-friendly solution for concrete floors


DSM broadens its range of instant floor coatings

DSM has expanded its UVolve Instant Floor Coatings range to offer new ways of coating concrete floors for customers in Europe.

The line includes high gloss and matt finishes as well as clear and pigmented coatings — all of which can be applied under a wider range of application conditions than has previously been possible with UV curable floor coating products.

Eco-friendly UVolve Instant Floor Coatings cure immediately using a mobile UV light device. They also offer durability, chemical resistance and are easy to clean, the firm says.

In addition, UVolve surface characteristics can be modified with additives to provide slip resistance.

As a 100% solid, single-component system, UVolve’s low odour and near-zero VOCs help it to meet the requirements of sustainable construction. The coating can be applied at a range of temperatures.

The UVolve products are suitable for use in industrial, manufacturing, food and beverage, healthcare, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech facilities.