Valtria announces its incorporation into Clauger Group

Published: 4-Dec-2023

A strategic partnership paving the way for global excellence in cleanroom solutions

In a significant move, Valtria has declared its integration into Clauger Group, a prominent global leader in industrial refrigeration and air treatment.

This strategic partnership marks a transformative milestone, unlocking new potentials and synergies across regions and portfolios, enriching networks, teams, and expertise.

Guided by an ambitious growth strategy and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Valtria is reshaping its organisational structure and scale. The alignment with Clauger Group perfectly fits into Valtria's expansion goals, solidifying its position in the global Clean Room sector. This strategic shift positions Valtria and Clauger to establish a robust centre of expertise, catering to both existing and emerging markets.

The collaboration aims to strategically position the two entities, creating a specialised centre of expertise supported by local service and field teams. This strategic approach enables a focus on delivering high-quality solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Built on a shared philosophy, both Valtria and Clauger emphasise the importance of fostering strong relationships with employees, customers, and partners. With roots dating back to 1971, Clauger, a family-owned company, has consistently grown over the years, with 16 subsidiaries worldwide and a workforce exceeding 2,500. Together, they are committed to an ambitious path of expansion.

Valtria, a key player in the Clean Room sector operating in 12 countries with over 250 professionals, is set to integrate Clauger's resources and expertise. Leveraging Clauger's client relationships and expertise, the collaboration promises significant synergies, enhancing the ability to drive international growth and deliver value to clients.

Clauger, serving the French and Swiss Clean Room sectors since 2001, brings valuable experience to the partnership. The integration of Clauger's capabilities further strengthens Valtria's position as an industry leader, creating a hub of specialised expertise under the Valtria brand for high-potential markets, from pharmaceuticals to battery manufacturing and microelectronics.

The union of Valtria and Clauger aims to promote the "Clean Concept" in vital industries such as pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, biosafety, and food and beverage. The integration of Clauger's expertise and established presence with Valtria's operations positions the collaboration to provide top-tier solutions globally. This synergy allows for the scaling of design, manufacturing, installation, and comprehensive services for Clean Rooms and public services on an international scale.

In a world driven by innovation and collaboration, the seamless integration of Valtria and Clauger teams underscores their shared philosophy. This collaboration places a high value on nurturing relationships with stakeholders, driving the success and expansion of their global presence and enhancing their ability to provide value and client satisfaction.

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