Video: Screening and processing systems for powder coatings

Published: 22-Jul-2019

The industrial vibratory screener by Russell Finex automatically screens powder coatings, removing all contamination such as shot blast balls before reuse

Industrial powder coating systems have an average transfer efficiency of around 60%, meaning 40% of the powder does not adhere to the component being powder coated. However, this powder cannot simply be reused. Due to contamination collected during the spray process, the powder collected from the spray booth must be recovered and screened before it can be used again.

Contamination can include dirt, foreign fibres, grit or metal particulate from other upstream machinery. Any of these can affect the quality of the final coated product and, considering the industries where this process is widely used, such as aerospace, automotive and construction, quality cannot be compromised.

Powder coating often follows an abrasive blasting process, such as shot blasting or sandblasting. While this prepares the surface of the object for coating, small particles of the blasting media can be found in downstream equipment and reclaimed powder, which must be removed before reuse.

The Russell Compact Sieve, showcased in the video above, uses a magnetic separator to screen reclaimed powder coating, removing oversize contamination including shot blast media.

The vibratory screener automatically screens the powder, effectively removing all contamination before reuse. The oversize contamination, such as the shot blast balls, is removed by the sieve mesh. Any ferrous particles fine enough to pass through the mesh are removed by the magnetic separator.

This Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator provides a convenient option for removing fine iron contamination from industrial powders. Rust, stainless steel shavings and worn particles from machinery can be easily removed by these integrated magnetic grids.

All powder passes through the grid, with any ferrous contamination attracted to its rods, whilst good powder can flow past. The stainless steel magnetic grid is designed to provide optimum coverage of magnetic field strength, and it’s easy to clean design reduces maintenance time.

The Russell Compact Sieve provides a high-capacity solution to check-screening reclaimed powder coatings, removing oversize contamination whilst fitting easily into existing production lines.

This industrial vibratory screener is available in a range of sizes and configurations, and a variety of upgrades are available for specific applications, such as the magnetic grid sieve for reclaiming powder coatings, and can be easily stripped down and cleaned without tools.

Contact Russell Finex now to discover how industrial separation equipment can help you with the quality of your powder coatings.

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