Peli BioThermal launches CoolPall Flex Shipper system

Published: 14-Mar-2018

The new system offers tailored solutions and thermal protection for the global transportation of pharmaceutical and life science payloads

Peli Biothermal has unveiled CoolPall Flex, its newest range of bulk shippers, at Clinical Trial Supply Europe. The event was held in Milan last week.

The company said this unique and flexible range offers thermal protection for transportation of pharmaceuticals and life science products.

Available in three heights and with a capacity range of 140–767 litres, CoolPall Flex offers standard or vacuum insulated panel (VIP) insulation options with water-based or phase change material (PCM) coolants in single or double coolant configurations.

The flexibility of the system, the company said, delivers differing duration and performance capabilities to mitigate temperature excursions in the worldwide transportation of pharmaceutical products.

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