Pharmig introduces its new interactive online training programme

Published: 1-Dec-2017

At the 25th Annual Pharmig event, which took place 29–30 November, Pharmig took the opportunity to present its interactive cleanroom operator online training programme

This interactive online training module is aimed at those who are new to working in GMP cleanrooms and is also useful for production operators, cleaners, QAs, QCs and engineers.

For companies looking to enhance their cleanroom operator training programme, this online portal offers a clear, concise, up to date and standardised programme to help cleanroom professionals.

By watching a series of detailed videos, followed by a multiple choice assessment, participants will learn a variety of essential subjects relating to their role in the cleanroom environment.

On successful completion of all three chapters within the module, participants will be issued with a certificate and will then be able to apply what has been learned in the working environment.

The chapters are as follows:

  1. Introduction to Contamination in Cleanrooms
  2. Disinfection Selection, Storage and Usage
  3. Cleaning Techniques

The site administrator (who issues the individual licenses at the company site) will receive a PDF training manual clearly showing how to set up individual trainee licenses, how to set pass rates, an overview of trainee progress, ability to see if there is a particular question(s) answered consistently incorrectly (to review if additional training in that area is needed).

The trainee will also receive a PDF training manual detailing how to log onto the module, how to run the video within each chapter, how to answer the questions, how to return to questions, view progress and when the module has been passed, how to download the completed training certificate or file electronically.

Each programme is purchased in a bundle of 10, allowing 10 individuals to be trained at one time, this individual orientated system prevents fraudulent certificates being issued.

More information about this online training can be found on the Pharmig website. Click on this link to download the interactive booking form.

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