Priorclave extends sterilising support to laboratories

Published: 14-Jun-2019

New offering in partnership with The Decontaminator

Specialist autoclave manufacturer Priorclave has extended its support to laboratories by offering a complete lab decontamination service.

The additional service has been made available through a working relationship with The Decontaminator.

Bacteria are increasingly becoming impervious to antibiotics. Through its comprehensive range of laboratory autoclaves and research sterilisers, Priorclave already provides a solution for sterilising/decontaminating waste that is being discarded as well as sterilising equipment to be re-used.

This additional service encompasses the whole laboratory and cleanroom, providing rapid disinfection, eliminating cross contamination, leaves no residue or toxicity, and is safe on electronic equipment.

The treatment is ideally suited for use on biological safety cabinets, fume cupboards, microscopes and even the actual autoclave.

A combination of new technology and methods allow The Decontaminator to both fog a laboratory achieving a minimum log 4 (99.99%) decontamination; airborne pathogens and those settled and possibly colonising on surfaces, unseen by the naked eye.

For more complex areas such as under surfaces, furniture, equipment mechanical or electronic, storage (especially cold storage) an electrostatic spray gun is used. This charges the hydrogen peroxide vapour with static energy and the vapour looks to adhere to any and everything. Since treatment is via a gun, it can address the most complex of situations and achieve up to a log 6 (99.9999%) decontamination.

The methods deployed are thorough and when required proof of decontamination can be provided alone with certification upon completion for audit reports.

The Decontaminator kills all microorganisms thoroughly, whether a colony is growing on or under surfaces or airborne, the methods used to eradicate pathogens, keeping the working environment safe, free from infection.

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