Redditch Medical

Whether your requirement is for a hospital, aseptic manufacturing facility or pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, we understand that rapid and flexible processes demand exacting products. Our solutions are designed by experience, with the end user in mind.

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Here at InSpec we have the complete cleanroom contamination control solution. Our product range covers all of your cleanroom needs - be that from the spray in to the deep clean. Our products don't have fancy names or heartwarming stories - they're simply high quality, validated solutions that are designed and delivered by our experienced and caring team. We're proud of our heritage of almost 300 years, and we're equally as proud of the quality and standard of the products that are born from this experience. That much so that we use our own InSpec products in our own Redditch Medical cleanrooms.

InSpec produces sporicides, biocides and alcohols, which are available as sterile or non-sterile, in a variety of formats to suit your every cleanroom need. The latest innovative format that InSpec products are available in is the unique burstable pouch biocidal and sporicidal session wipes. Their highly acclaimed sporicide OX is the most popular of these products. This comes as no surprise considering the phrase 'As Strong As OX' really resonates and proves true in the case of this highly effective sporicide.

The friendly team at InSpec will be more than happy to respond to enquiries about our products and services.

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