Relocation and upgrade solution for Actavis Malta

Published: 21-Oct-2014

Pharmaceutical company Actavis commissioned Extract Technology to carry out a relocation project

Pharmaceutical company Actavis commissioned Extract Technology to carry out a relocation project as part of the upgrade of its warehouse at the Bulebel Industrial Estate, Malta.

The investment into bigger warehousing facilities was the result of a significant increase in the Bulebel site manufacturing output, where volume has practically tripled over the last seven years. It was therefore imperative for the drug manufacturer to work with a supplier that could meet its requirements and comply with its demanding schedule by enabling a continuous flow of the customer’s production schedules during the works.

Extract’s After Market department won the two phase project through the supply of a cost-effective solution that incorporated the rental, installation and validation of a temporary sampling down-flow booth, followed by the relocation and full validation of a two booth sampling facility with automated roller conveyors in the new warehouse.

Following a continuous 3-week site attendance of dismantling and reinstalling the facility including IQ, OQ documentation and OEL reports, the client’s objectives were successfully achieved, resulting with a highly efficient and cost-effective relocated sampling facility within the new warehouse.

After Market Manager Stephen Schofield commented: 'Working alongside Actavis, the importance of the contract was highlighted at the initial site meeting with continual production throughout the relocation works a priority. The contract was well executed from initial conception to final validation with both the Extract and Actavis installation teams working together to complete the contract in within the scheduled time frame and budget.'

Actavis Technical Project Manager John Azzopardi also commented: 'The relocation was handled in a very professional manner, Extract’s staff and personnel on site were instrumental in making it happen. The reinstallation was performed in the agreed schedule of works.'

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